The view from the condo balcony!!!
The Living Room w/sleeper sofa.
The Living Room w/sleeper sofa.
The cozy kitchen, okay a little wild on the shells.....2 bar stools
The master bedroom with TV/DVD player
Features 400 thread count sheets and cool touch memory foam mattress.
"I call top bunk!"
Thanks for having a
look!  From our
experience in living in
the residential
treatment homes for 5
years, we've learned
that sharing resources
actually brings more
joy than keeping
everything to yourself.

We're confident this
condo will be a
wonderful vacation  
resource for the youth
we serve as well as
our dedicated staff.  

If your looking for a
quiet family vacation
away from it all, this is
the place.  A huge
bridge takes you up
over the water to this
beautiful barrier island
called Topsail Island.  
The bridge provides
the perfect beginning to
your island
experience.  As you
cross the bridge, allow
yourself to mentally
leave the busy part of
life and commit to a
slower pace and
quality time with your
friends and family.  
Then, when it's time to
go, as you cross that
bridge again, you can
allow yourself back into
life, career,
distractions, etc., but
hopefully be able to
take a bit of Topsail
Island with you.

Come experience
Topsail Island!

Quest Family Teacher
The Quest Family
Teacher Practitioner
couple may stay on any
available day at the
condo as part of their
benefits package with
only the check-out
housekeeping and
utilities charges which
are required for all

All other direct care
staff may earn vacation
time at the condo
through the staff bonus

TFT Providers
TFT Providers may earn
one week per year per
youth served.  Rates
vary depending on
length of time with
Youth Quest.  Check-out
housekeeping and
utilities are required for
all stays.  

Youth Quest Friends
Members of the
Teaching Family
Association may utilize
our beach condo at a
discounted rate.

Vacationers typically
book a year in advance
and like these condos
because of their very
reasonable weekly
rental rates.

Six can sleep in beds,
but if kids/adults don't
mind sleeping on
inflatable beds or the
floor, more can be

We intend to keep a
twin and queen blow-
up mattress on site to
accommodate extra

Kelly and Emily

To reserve a date, contact Emily at
919-942-1625 or send an e-mail to
"Kids, it's time to come inside for dinner!!!"...
Here's the view from the balcony, 1st floor.
The condo
features a
pool, tennis
courts, and
beach front

We also own a
tandum kayak
which we'll
attempt to store
on the balcony
(if it fits).  The
beach and
ocean sound
behind he beach
awesome sea
shells, and the
best shark teeth
around, or take
some cheese
and you can go
after crab

This condo is
Oceanfront and
is 2 hours 40
minutes from
Chapel Hill.
~June 7th to Aug 29th
$350/wk $50/night
+ Check-out housekeeping ~$55

~May 10th to June 6th  
~Aug 30th to Sep 26
$280/wk $40/night
+ Check-out housekeeping ~$55

~Sep 27 to May 9th
$250/wk or $35/night
+ Check-out housekeeping ~$55
#163 (1st Floor,
Sixth Building,
Condo #3)
What is already here
(so you don't need to pack it)
  • Infant/Toddler Pack-n-Play crib with sheet and
  • Beach toys - sand castle supplies, shovels, crab
    nets, sand surf board, skim board,  beach
    umbrella, etc.
  • Tennis racquets, tennis balls
  • Swimming pool - goggles,
  • Beach hats, sunblock (until it runs out)