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Youth Quest Financial Management
Youth Quest Financial Management
Youth Quest Finances
Youth Quest’s financial
accountability and viability are
achieved through the application of
sound financial management
practices that accord with legal and
regulatory requirements.
Sound financial management
begins with Youth Quest’s
commitment to providing high
quality services relative to our
mission.  Our existing leadership
creates a culture of honesty and
ethics in all areas of practice,
including the management of Youth
Quest’s finances and the manner in
which it conducts financial affairs
with integrity. Accountability is
established through clearly defined
lines of authority and responsibility,
and personnel receive a clear
message from the top that internal
control responsibilities are to be
taken seriously. Additionally, the
attention and commitment of the
board to the fiduciary responsibility
to maintain this integrity are
essential to ensuring that Youth
Quest’s financial practices enable it
to achieve operational effectiveness
and efficiency, accurate and reliable
financial reporting, and compliance
with applicable laws and

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