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Level II Residential Treatment
The Quest Team
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Services to Youth and Family
Youth Quest operates this fantastic Level II Family-Type Residential Treatment Facility in Southwest Durham County.  Family-style means
that a couple (Family Teachers) care for the facility full-time as stewards of the home, and as treatment practitioners to all youth who enter
the home to live for a term in their lives.   Fantastic support staff (Associate Family Teachers) support the work full-time to provide continuity
of care and relief to the teaching couple when this is needed.
The Quest is all boys and is open to referrals for males and females (when possible) aged 10-17.
The Quest has both shared and single client bedrooms.

Licensing and Accreditation:
Licensing: Youth Quest is licensed by the state of North Carolina as a residential treatment facility for adolescents who are behaviorally or
emotionally disturbed or who have a mental illness.
Accreditation:  Youth Quest is compliant with all credentialing requirements set forth by the North Carolina Council of Community Programs.
Youth Quest is a supportive member of the Teaching-Family Association (TFA)
Served with Distinction and Excellence
Honored past Teaching Family Practitioners of the Quest
Ben and Lynsey Strader 2007
Troy and Jamie Lantz 2005
Matt and Camielle Alleman  2003
Tour the youth bedrooms of the Quest!

This bedroom is the shared
bedroom next to the bathroom.  
Turn on your imagination and
stroll down the amazon river in
the boat mural.

This bedroom is a single
bedroom.  Let your mind
experience all the magic found in
the desert.

This bedroom is a single
bedroom.  Nothing can replace
the natural rejuvenation that the
beaches of North Carolina offer.  
Located in Southwest Durham
Youth are served by
Durham Public Schools

Elementary: Creekside
Middle: Githens
High School: Jordan

                                                               The Quest
The Quest is a Residential Treatment Facility serving boys and girls age 10-17.  At first glance, you'll know
The Quest is different.  Our facility is located in the beautiful southwest area of Durham.  We believe our
excellent location is part of what makes our home work - the great neighborhood, excellent schools, and
access to on site recreation help to create a calm and safe environment where change can occur.

The Quest's typical youth is struggling with his or her life -- having problems within her family, not fitting into
society, falling behind academically, and struggling with her peer groups.  He or she may be without the tools
necessary to deal and cope with situations she has encountered in his or her life.  Youth who are referred to
our program are often experiencing emotional and behavioral problems which may include, but are not limited
to: Depression, Oppositional-Defiant Disorder, Reactive-Attachment Disorder, low self-esteem, academic
struggles including learning disabilities, adoption issues, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Bipolar Disorder,
and traits of developing personality disorders.

We don't label our youth according to the problems they bring in the door.  To us they are all unique
individuals. We know our youth have learned to survive to this point.  Our hope is to focus their strengths and
talents in new ways to help them live successfully in many settings - at home, in school, with friends, as a part
of their community.

Although the Quest is a Level III residential treatment facility it doesn't look like one, although it is one.  What
the Quest looks like is a home.  Research shows that children learn best in a family like environment.  They eat
meals together in the dining room, work together on daily chores and are expected to participate in group
activities, much as they would in everyday life.

Our programs utilize a cognitive-behavioral approach, including the following elements: LIFE (Learning in a
Family Environment) skills teaching, individual, group, and family therapy, psychiatric services and therapeutic
family weekends.  We make remarkable changes in troubled children because we've been doing it for 11

The Quest is working on national accreditation with the Council on Accreditation.  We are able to assist youth
we serve with the public school existing IEPs for youth with special academic needs.  Our Family Teacher
Practitioners, Associate Family Teacher Practitioners, and other professionals are committed to providing a
high quality treatment setting that completes the individual treatment needs for each youth.

Our parent company, Youth Quest has been helping troubled children in North Carolina for over a decade. It
is the only organization in the Triangle who are supportive members who have used the Teaching-Family
Model since the companies inception; perhaps the most thoroughly researched treatment method for troubled
children and families in use today.  Those trained in the Teaching Family Model provide security and love
while teaching consistency and respect.  Using this method, over 85% of our youth are successful at
implementing their new skills and stabilizing back at home, or in a step down placement!

Home Dedication

Dedicated to the development of communication, social and educational skills for the betterment of each
youth to function productively & appropriately within any environmental setting.

The Quest Staff Team