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Why TFS Program was originally formed.....one youths needs came first
The TFS Program was added originally to serve just one youth who was stepping down from
one of our Level III residential treatment facilities.  This youth's team requested that she be in
a Level II home that used a similar program to the Youth Quest residential treatment homes,
namely the Teaching Family Model.  After some research, it was found that there were
Teaching Family Level II Therapeutic Foster homes in this region.  Youth Quest stepped up to
the challenge and was able to add this valuable service to all youth who live in our local
community with highest priority.  

We provide this service to any youth who meets clinical criteria in the state of North Carolina.
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Licensing and Accreditation:
License: Youth Quest is licensed by the state of North Carolina Division of Social Services as a child placing agency to provide mental health services to
adolescents who meet Level II criteria who have emotional or behavioral challenges, or who have a mental illness.  Youth Quest is also a child placing
agency for children placed in family foster care.

Youth Quest is nationally accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA).
Youth Quest is a supports the Teaching-Family Association (TFA) Teaching-Family Model
Youth Quest has contracts with Cardinal Innovations, and Alliance Behavioral Healthcare, and privately.

Youth are typically referred to Youth Quest through social workers, community support professionals, case managers, juvenile court counselors, etc.  
Youth can be placed directly from their home, foster care placement, or a guardian’s placement.  

Youth enter the home and receive a Welcome Packet detailing goals, expectations, and rules to be followed in the home.  As youth progress through their
individual person centered plan, plans are made to return the youth home, or to another less restrictive environment.  

Youth Quest is subject to maintaining standards of consumer satisfaction reviews by the Teaching-Family Association and the Council on Accreditation.  
Youth Quest administration conducts regular and rigorous professional evaluations of all staffs by clients and consumers (guardians, referral agents,
social workers, teachers/principles, court counselors, therapists, etc.)
In addition, qualified professional supervision far exceeds the state standard to ensure the highest quality of treatment.
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