Youth Quest TFS Program
Congratulations on your desire to serve some of North Carolina's most vulnerable
youth!  Becoming a Treatment Family Teacher Practitioner can be the most difficult yet
most rewarding experience of your life.  

We're thankful that you're looking into serving these youth who desperately need you.
successfully launched into adulthood or as they successfully return to their families.

1.  In order to become a licensed therapeutic foster care provider (TFS Provider), you'll need to
understand the process.  
Becoming a TFS Provider takes time and a strong commitment.  
With diligence in work and commitment, it usually takes about one-two months to complete all the
necessary steps to become licensed and be given your first referral for placement in your home.  
Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the links above and with Youth Quest.  At this time, if
you have questions, don't hesitate to call 919-942-1625 and tell the secretary you're interested in
becoming a licensed TFS Provider or therapeutic foster parent.
After your initial questions are answered, if you're interested in proceeding,
click on the TFS Practitioner Application below.  
After we receive your application, you may be contacted for an

2.  Treatment Foster Care Application

3.  Qualified couples will be contacted for an interview in your home.

4.  Couples are selected to become state licensed Treatment
Family Teacher Practitioners or licensed to provide therapeutic foster care.

5.  If you are interviewed and approved to move forward,
you will be asked to submit state a required national finger print check which
usually take 4-6 weeks to process.  
Typically all other training and paper is completed while the prints are being processed.