Expert Parent Coaching
with Proven Tools!
A Modern Resource for Today's Parents

Remember the saying, "children don't come with instructions!"

Today, we have a variety of evidence-based tools available to us that were unheard
of when we were growing up.

Youth Quest provides an outstanding parent coaching program.  

Youth Quest's Parent Coaching is a “payment at the time of service” service.  
Clients are expected to pay in-full at the time of each visit.  

Are you a parent who is thinking...

* How do I deal with temper tantrums?
* How do I discipline my toddler?
* How do I stop my children from fighting?
* How do I handle my teenager?
* How can I teach my children to be responsible?
* I want to stop yelling but don't know what else to do.
* I want to stop spanking but don't know what else to do.
* I want to stop nagging!
* I want ideas and support in parenting my gifted child.

Perhaps Youth Quest's Parent Coaching is exactly what you're looking for!

Learn more about Youth Quest's Parent Coaching and see if Coaching is right for

Contact Youth Quest to arrange a free initial consultation.  

Parent Coaching Plans & Rates

Hourly Rate In-Home Coaching Session: $85/hour
* includes transportation time.  
** additional fees for extended distances, air travel
In-Home Session Options
* Observation and Feedback as you interact with your children
* Observation and Feedback via listening ear piece
* Observation only with written observation report * (Observation Report $50)
* Question & Answer session with one or both parents
* Other options by request

Regular Weekly In-Home Coaching Session: $75/hour
Telephone Coaching: $50/hour minimum
Skype Coaching: $60/hour minimum
Monthly Group Parenting Classes: $20 per class

Youth Quest accepts all major credit cards.

Call today to set up an appointment, or complete this online application and
disclaimer and we'll contact you to set up a free initial telephone

919-942-1625 - Mention you are interested in learning more about parent

To get started, please e-mail or fax to 919-869-1387:



DISCLAIMER AND HOLD HARMLESS AGREEMENT letters from our satisfied customers letters below.

We make house

In-Home Coaching
Sessions include
coaching time
with a
in your home.  
March 2011 - Thank you for your thoughtfulness!

We can't thank you enough for your willingness to help
our family.  Thank you for counseling us as parents.  
We're not perfect, but now we're on the same page and
we have some
tools!  We truly benefit from your
positivity and perspective.

                           Couple in 20's with 2 year old and        
                            baby on the way.