Parent Guidance Program

Part I [~4.5 Hours]
□ Session I    ___/___/____
□ Session II   ___/___/____
□ Session III ___/___/____

Part II [~4.5 Hours]
□ Session IV    ___/___/____
□ Session V    ___/___/____
□ Session VI   ___/___/____
Meetings are small-group sessions with activities, question and answer, and role-play which all are part of your
training experience.  These activities build parents’ confidence to improve family harmony.  You will be
introduced to new skills that will build on the training and talent you already possess.  

The Youth Quest Parent Guidance Program consist of two parts totaling 12 hours of parenting support led by
a professional parent trainer name Emily Schofield, QMHP.  

     Parents as Teachers      
  Effective Discipline
  Clear communication
  Changing child behavior
Effective Praise
   Increasing positive behavior
Preventive Teaching& Proactive
   Teaching expectations and setting children up for success
Corrective Teaching
   Responding to problem behavior
Teaching Self-Control
   Remaining calm and responding to emotional situations.                
Putting It All Together
    Developing an effective and customized discipline plan

        Individual Home Skill Plan for your child
        Proficiency in Teaching
        Stress Management                
        Family Living

Your Professional Trainers Experience
•        Was a Clinical Family Teacher Has for dozens of children aged 9-18 for over five years.  
•        Was trained using the Teaching-Family Model of Treatment and Intervention.  
•        Double College Degree in Family & Human Development with emphasis in marriage and family    
relations and in Sociology.
•        Primary trainer for all staff employed by Youth Quest Inc.
•        Has successfully aided many parents in developing the skills necessary to parent more effectively than
prior to
Youth Quest Parent Guidance Center