Carlson Family Foundation
2010 - November
  • Donated $10,000 in general support for Youth Quest.

Carlson Family Foundation
2009 - November
  • Donated $20,000 to help Youth Quest launch our intensive in-home program

Food Lion Charitable Foundation
2009 - July
  • Donated $500 for food for the Quest
Press Release - The Herald Sun published 10/01/2009

Gene Strowd Roses Foundation
2009 -
  • Received $5000 in general support for our work to implement best practices in the mental health
    services we provide at-risk youth and families

Wilson's Triad Fitness
2008 - July
  • Repaired and serviced treadmills at the Quest for at-risk teens

Anonymous Donor
2008 - May
  • Donated $200 toward a new natural gas grill for the Quest!!!

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints
2007 - December
  • Donated $500 in non-perishable food items

Crystal South Surf Camp
2008 - August
  • Donated one surfing lesson to at-risk youth receiving services

Food Lion Charitable Foundation
2007 - July
  • Donated $5000 for food for the Quest

Anonymous Donor
2007 - July
  • Donated 2 treadmills for the Quest

Gene Strowd Roses Foundation
  • Received $7,500 for capital improvements to the Hive.
Added basketball court, interior furniture/supplies, exterior paint
  • Received $10,000 to complete capital improvements at the Hive.

Anonymous Partner
  • Chapel Hill YMCA Membership for all the youth we serve!

Dewaine Chan
  • Computer monitor/laser printer
George Graner
  • Computer donation for the Hive
Julie Hayes
  • Living Room Furniture for the Quest

Thank you past donors!
Gwen Watkins
Katheryn Dowling
Jann & Scott Layman
Dan Gajewski

To make a monetary or service donation, please contact Emily at 919.942.1625.  
Youth Quest is a 501c3 tax-exempt charitable corporation.  EIN#56-2051437
Checks can also be mailed to:
Youth Quest Inc.
1515 W NC Highway 54, Suite 220, Durham, NC 27707-5574

Current Wish List

Service Volunteers:
  • Talented and retired individuals to be on our Board of Directors - DONE - but always need more talent!
  • An interior decorator, mural painter - to customise, personalize, and decorate the youth's bedrooms DONE
  • Tutors - to come between 4:00 PM and 5:30 to tutor the youth (many are very behind academically and
    need 1:1 academic help)

Donated Items Wanted:
  • -Very strong sturdy chest of drawers for youth bedroom (3 or 5 drawer) - DONE
  • Good books for teens - DONE
  • 27+ Inch television <7 years old (home currently has old 13" television)
  • Playstation II (for when youth have use of privileges :))
  • E rated or Kids to adults Playstation II games (no teen+ rated games allowed)
  • Riding Lawn mower or standard lawn mower
  • Embroidery Machine (or volunteer your machine to embroider the first name of each youth on a towel as
    we welcome them for when they come to live in the home) - we'll provide the towels!

Can arrange pick up near South Point Mall, or we will accept delivery.
Please send photos if possible of what you have to donate and describe your donation to

Monetary Donations Needed:
  • For Youth Quest's Intensive In-Home Program
  • For scholarships to college for youth and help for youth without family for their early twenties.
  • For the growth and maintenance of our excellent mental health treatment programs for youth and families
    served by Youth Quest.
  • For the Reptanical School - 2013 (see link above)
New Basketball Court!
Thank you Strowd Roses Foundation for the generous capital improvement grant
which allowed us to build this basketball court for the youth!  The beautiful paint
job and interior furniture and supplies also were funded by this grant.
Honored Community Donors
We need you!  Please become a Community Partner Volunteer Today!  

Just Click on the community partner link on the menu at the top of this page to register to
become a community partner, or make a donation.
We may be a small non-profit corporation, but we're passionate about providing the
best for the youth we serve every day.  

Thank you again for sharing your time, your talents, and your financial resources to
help us continue the mission of Youth Quest and help the program grow to serve more
youth and families in need of this very special mental health care company!

Emily K. Schofield
Executive Director
Youth Quest Inc.
Youth Quest Featured Donors