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Youth Quest | 1515 West NC Highway 54, Suite 220, Durham, NC 27707-5576 | Ph: 919-942-1625 | Fax: 919-869-1387    
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Office hours: Monday - Friday (8 AM - 5 PM)
by appointment only

Phone: 919-942-1625

Fax: 919-869-1387

Office Location:
Youth Quest
1515 West NC Highway 54, Suite 220
Durham, NC 27707-5576
Youth Quest’s mission is to give at-risk youth with mental illness or various behavioral and emotional problems
the potential for success.  This is done by assisting them with a stable treatment home and family, an exemplary
helping staff, and a broader base of life enhancing skills that enable them to live more productive lives, and in turn
provide more healthy and functional homes for the community tomorrow.